Lesson 11 – Intro – Nov. 22 – Nov. 29 JEHOVAH-TSIDQUENU

          It is not always easy to “make things right” in a relationship.  Whether or not you intentionally hurt or offended someone, put your foot in your mouth or broke a promise, the injustice needs to be corrected or the brokenness needs to be repaired.  A sincere apology for your part in creating the problem is the first step in the process of reconciliation. It can take time for mutual understanding and forgiveness to happen.  In some circumstances, it will take more than words, it will take action before justice can be completed and restoration can be fully accomplished.  In our human relationships, we are responsible to continually do all that we can do to live in peace with each other, forgiving and receiving forgiveness whenever there is a problem.  But how can we ever apologize enough to the Almighty God for ignoring Him and His ways, for our inability to do what is right and fair and just and to reflect His character throughout each day?

            Throughout the centuries the Israelites were warned about their evil ways and their idolatry.  The prophets were sent to the leaders and the kings to tell them that unless they turned to Jehovah and worshipped Him, and only Him, destruction would be coming.  In the middle of one of his speeches, Jeremiah reminded the faithful ones that God had not forgotten them nor had He changed His mind about their future.  Some day from the line of David the Messiah would come and He would reign.  One of the striking images that is in this prophecy is the name which is given to this King – JEHOVAH TSIDQUENU, which means “Jehovah is Our Righteousness”.  This One, Jesus, whom many of the prophets spoke about, would come and through His suffering and His resurrection, make a way for them to once again have a relationship with ELOHIM.  “Just as through one man’s defiant disobedience every one of us were made sinners, so through the willing obedience of the One Man many of us will be made right with God” – Romans 5: 19 (The Voice).  Through His death, justice would be served and forgiveness made possible for all those who would receive Him.

            Righteousness starts with a right relationship with God, doesn’t it?  And then, over time, His character can be formed in us through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit, enabling us to live out our new life in Christ.  “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for righteousness/justice for they will be satisfied” – Matthew 5: 6 (NLT) 


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