Lesson 10 – Intro – November 15 – 22 ADONAI

            It can be entertaining to watch a 2 year old run the opposite direction when a parent wants him or her to come.  Even little children are resistant to submission – “yielding to the will or authority of another or others”.   It’s a trait that seems to be innate in human beings.  We like to feel independent, in control, and able to make our own decisions.  Actually these are characteristics that are fostered and encouraged in our culture.  Would you agree that, when balanced with a high view of authority and respect, these are desirable qualities until it comes to your relationship with ELOHIM – the Almighty God?

            Abram was certainly a strong and independent man, but he willingly left his home country in obedience to God’s call on his life and family.  He bravely fought battles against very strong enemies and found that EL ELYON gave him victory over them.  While he didn’t always make the right choices, it seems that his heart towards JEHOVAH was soft and tender.  After God came to him in a vision and assured him of the promise to continue to protect and reward him, Abram responded once again with a submissive spirit.  As he humbly asked his question about an heir, he called God “ADONAI JEHOVAH”, which means that he recognized Him to be not only the Supreme God but his Master and Owner.  Submission to The One whom he knew was Sovereign was his stance in life which meant that he was blessed abundantly – more than he could even imagine. 

            Just as God’s servants throughout the Old Testament often called God ADONAI* and in the New Testament KYRIOS, His children today are invited to experience His protection and provisions by choosing submission, by voluntarily becoming one of his “bond-servants” or slaves.  It’s a concept that is not totally comfortable for us, but it just might be worth exploring!     

*ADONAI – sometimes translated Lord, Sovereign or Supreme in contrast to Jehovah         which in most translations is usually printed with capital letters, LORD.

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