Lesson 5 – Intro – October 11 to 18 – EL OLAM

            Is there anything in your life that is permanent?  The dictionary says that permanent means “changeless, fixed, lasting or meant to last indefinitely; not expected to change in status, condition or place.”  We use this word loosely, don’t we?  We say that our address or job is permanent and what we mean is that, as far as we know, it won’t change any time soon.  Change is inevitable even though we spend a great deal of time, energy and finances trying to keep things stable and secure.  Seasons come and go; the sun rises and sets; day and night are predictable, but relationships shift, our bodies grow old, and the values in our culture shift at a faster pace than ever in history.  As humans we often long for security and the known.  We’re made that way. 

            Just at a time when Abraham and Sarah’s life was perhaps feeling more stable and secure, he was about to face one of the biggest decisions of his entire life.  They had the joy of watching Isaac as he grew up.  Abraham had the assurance that his other son, Ishmael, would grow up and be the father of a nation, too, so that he was able to confidently send Hagar and the boy to live on their own.   He was able to resolve property issues peacefully with Abimelech, who had given him the land where they lived.  Fortunately, Abraham recognized that it was not because of his own abilities or strength that life seemed more stable and secure.  He knew that it was the LORD, the Eternal God – EL OLAM who had mercifully met his needs and given him the blessings that he now had.  Knowing the Everlasting God, the One who is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, would enable Abraham to step out in faith when God’s next instructions to him seemed so peculiar, even unbelievable.

            Where do you find your security in this ever-changing world that we live in?  Jesus suggested that you build your life on the solid Rock – EL OLAM, rather than the shifting sand of your money, your reputation, your good works, or even your heritage.

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