Lesson 4 – Introduction – Oct. 4 – 11 EL SHADDAI

             Do you ever think about the superlative words that we tend to use in our every day vocabulary?  You can often hear people say words like perfect, unbelievable, magnificent, absolutely, flawless.  Most of us are tempted at times to exaggerate certain promises or descriptions by using the words “never” and “always”.  In our enthusiasm we want others to understand the grandeur of the experience or, at times, the exact opposite.  While using these superlatives may help us to express ourselves, would you agree that in reality there is very little in our world that is absolutely perfect, unblemished, faultless, or impeccable?

            When God came to Abram, however, He used a new name that was truly an honest description of His character and His power.  He called Himself EL SHADDAI.  Not only does this name indicate that He is God Almighty, but that He is the All-Bountiful and All-Sufficient One.  Words can only begin to describe the limitless and eternal attributes of the One True God.  Abram had heard the voice of ELOHIM, the Creator and Sustainer of life, when He asked him to set out on a journey of faith, believing that He would give him a new land and bless him.  Abram had experienced the power of God Most High, El ELYON, on his journey, but the wait for the promised child was long and slow.  Abram and Sarai had made some mistakes and become impatient along the way, but eventually EL SHADDAI came to them to reassure them that He was totally able to keep His part of the covenant made so many years before.  God Almighty would, in fact, still give them their promised child and would bless them beyond their imagination!

            How many superlative words can you use to describe the God whom you know?  The One Who promised to bless all nations through Abraham’s seed?  The One Who says to you and to me – “I am able. . . to love you unconditionally, to forgive you, to keep you, to help you, to guide you, to provide everything that you need, to sustain you, and some day, to take you to live eternally with Me.” 


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