Bless HIS Holy Name

A study of  some Names for God in the Old Testament

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What is the story behind your name?  Did your parents just like the sound of it?  Were you named after someone in the family or someone that they admired?  Was it important that the first letter of your name was the same as your siblings or even rhymed with the other names? Did your mom and dad have your name picked out before you were born or did they look at you, think about it, and then choose your name?   There is very little that takes more communication and thought during the months of pregnancy than the name of that new baby.

In many cultures and traditions, the name of a baby represented hopes and dreams, personality traits or characteristics, or the preservation of a family name and its history.  In Biblical times, the meaning of the child’s name was the most important consideration.  At times, God intervened in the life of someone and gave him/her a new name that better represented who that person would become. 

 The names that are given to God in the Old Testament give us a very fascinating way to understand Him.  In fact, His names are one of the important ways that He reveals to us Who He is and what He does.  He wants us to know Him by His names and to live our lives so that His Name is honored and uplifted.

In this study you will be learning about many of these names.  Who knows what God might teach you about Himself and about yourself and other believers, as His namesake.  We pray that your relationship to Yahweh, the Everlasting and Almighty God, will be strengthened and that, as His beloved child, you will more clearly reflect His character.

Sincerely, Marilyn Miller

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  1. I am reading the verses that start this study on the ways that God’s name is talked about in the Bible. It has brought a new awareness of His Holiness and the Power of HIS NAME. Thanks Marilyn, for the gift of the study!

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