Something to Think About . . .

“There is no substitute for personally reading the scripture. Hearing the Word is beneficial, but reading the text for yourself, looking at the words, seeing the passage, observing the structure, feeling the narrative; this is so foundational to a life-long practice of absorbing the truth of God’s Word. Sermons will assist you in your growth. Biblical teaching will explain the meaning of the text. But the non-negotiable building block of grasping the scripture begins with personal, consistent, purposeful reading of the Word of God. Read the Scriptures; over and over again, read the Scriptures. Make it a spiritual discipline that defines who you are.” -Robert V. Cupp

IT’S TIME TO PRINT OUT YOUR LESSONS for our summer series – “BE STRONG and VERY COURAGEOUS”. Just go to and click on “Current Study” and then on “Read More”. You’ll get 10 pages – 9 lessons and one table of contents with some helpful study suggestions.

WHY NOT INVITE A FRIEND OR TWO TO DO THIS STUDY? It just might lead to some interesting and meaningful discussions and after 9 weeks all of you will have grown in your faith and your friendship with Jesus and each other. Weekly introductions will start on Friday, June 14. Be sure that you have subscribed to receive them automatically by e-mail.

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