Sharing an Insight – Lesson 11

      If only we could be content with the person that God has made us uniquely to be.  Content with our heritage, our role in life, our relationships, our gifts and the challenges that He has given to us so that His character can be developed in us.  God, the Father, didn’t make any mistakes when He sent His one and only Son to grow up in the home of Mary and Joseph in Nazareth.  He knew exactly what He was doing through His Son during those intense times of persecution and rejection by those who should have been His greatest advocates.  He carried out His eternal plan through Jesus when it came time for Him to be die the death of a criminal on a cross.  And in it all, Jesus was content with His role and His lowly position because He knew that the single thing He most wanted to do was His Father’s will and to bring glory to Him – whatever that meant!  “Teach me, Jesus, to be willing and eager to do what You have called me to do – to display Your character in whatever circumstances I may encounter – today and every day.”

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