Lesson 2 – Intro – Sept. 28 – Oct. 5 – Do You Understand?

              It is so much fun to go on a treasure hunt – a real one where someone has carefully written and hidden clues for you to find and decipher.  It is both the challenge of the hunt, as well as the reward of finding that treasure that can be enjoyable.  The fact is that we are all on personal treasure hunts every day.  We are constantly on the lookout for clues that will bring us closer to solutions for various problems and answers to a multitude of questions. 

             At times we have big questions that loom up in our minds about life and death, pain and suffering, justice and crime, and many other weighty issues.  More often we have questions about relationships, choices, or our circumstances.   Sometimes the clues that we need to help us find the “treasure” that we want will come from books that we read or conversations that we have with friends.  There are usually experts, counselors, or skilled people who can give us helpful information and provide resources that will point us in the right direction.  All too often, we are tempted to rely on our own human insight or knowledge to find answers that can really only be found in knowing God and understanding life from His perspective.

            There is no question that “the treasure of understanding” can ultimately be found only in knowing Jesus.  He is The One who can explain the dilemmas of life and help us to grasp meaning when confusion surrounds us.  His Word gives us all of the clues that we need!  Why not pursue the “treasure of understanding” with determination and enthusiasm?  He’s waiting to show you how to find your next clue!

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