Sharing an Insight – Lesson 1

There is really no excuse for not doing what is good and right and helpful and kind!  No excuse when I understand and remember that it is not what “I” can do, but what the LORD God wants to do through me, by His power and strength.  So, today, Jesus, when you whisper in my ear and give me some ideas that will take time or energy, which I feel that I do not have, help me to know that every idea that is from You always comes with the strength to make it happen.  Then I will be able to tell others what You are able to do. Psalm 118: 14 – 21

By the way, my apologies for the untimely introductions that were sent to you through some sort of computer glitch.  It has not ever happpened it the past year and we’re hopeful that it will not happen again, but we have no explanation why they were sent out.

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