Lesson 9 – Introduction – Nov. 11-18 Deuteronomy 27 – 30

      One of the greatest gifts that parents can give to their children is to teach them how to make good choices.  Think about it.  How did your parents make choices?   More than from verbal instructions, children will learn from observing their parents.  It’s hard to break habits that are deeply ingrained in you, so it is likely that their influence on you deeply affects the way that you make a variety of decisions even in your adult life.

     Why did God create mankind with the capacity to make both wise and unwise choices? You may have answered this question to your satisfaction, but it is a question that has been discussed through the centuries.  Is that what caused the problem for Adam and Eve?  However you solve this dilemma in your own mind, the fact remains that the Israelites were presented with an enormous number of reasons to choose to listen to God, to walk in His ways, and to know the presence and blessing of God, but the choice was up to them – both individually and as a nation.

      When they crossed over the Red Sea and left the bondage of Egypt, they were given freedom of choice.  Collectively they decided to look at the size of the enemy and to delay their entry into the promised land.  Individually they made varying decisions and there were some who kept their hearts focused on the promises of God and His faithfulness.  Throughout the years of wandering in the wilderness, God did not forget the few who remained faithful and trusted Him on the journey.  He had lessons for all of them to learn.

      Life is full of choices, isn’t it?  All too often we are tempted to look at the short term rewards, depend on our feelings rather than on truth, become impatient with God’s timing, listen to the wrong voices, admire the prosperity of the enemy, or for one reason or another, make choices that will have serious consequences for us and perhaps for generations to come.  How good it is to know that there is a sovereign God Who will hold on to us and will patiently lead us in His path when we are tempted to stray.  You can count on Him!


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