Lesson 7 – Sharing an Insight

The emphasis is usually on love, but Moses said “love and serve the Lord your God with all your heart”.  It was a surprise to find that the word “serve” has 15 different definitions in the dictionary.  The more I thought about it, the more I was intrigued by the question, “what does it mean to serve God?” It is not exactly working for Him and certainly not preparing or offering food to Him or providing goods and services.  It could be assisting Him and promoting His interests.  Finally definition number seven suggested giving homage and obedience to Him.  So I’m still thinking about “serve”.  How is it different than love?  How does it enhance my love for God?  How will I serve God today?

3 Responses to Lesson 7 – Sharing an Insight

  1. One way that I love the Lord is by spending alone time with Him. One way I serve the Lord is by listening to His voice and following His lead daily. I’m sure I mess up and think it is His voice at times, when it is really my desires. It is wonderful when I know that I have hit the mark and followed His voice and His leading.

  2. We serve our Lord out of our love for Him and we do this with all our limitations. I have been trying to grasp God’s love for me and how I don’t have to be perfect. I do need to trust Him though. How much more healthy my whole being would be if I relaxed and let the Holy Spirit flow through me. Then when we have those God moments where like Denise said we hit the bulls eye …what joy we feel all the way down to our toes!

  3. For me, to love our Lord is a giving of oneself to Him, as He loved us and gave Himself to us. To serve is giving of myself to others without reciprocal expectations, a demonstration of my Love, no matter what He calls me to do for His service. We receive strength thru our love but humility in our service. For me, the result is an affirmation of my faith in all possibilities and circumstances.

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