Lesson 2 – Sharing an Insight

It always amazes me how God can give us just the right truths that we need for hope or courage or correction through these words that were written so long ago.  Today it came through Deuteronomy 4, verses 39 and 40.  They reminded me of God’s sovereignty and the promise that He has made to care for me and for my children and even my grandchildren.  When surprise events cause us to feel afraid and uncertain, how good it is to know that our God knows all about these things and will always provide for us.  He actually desires that everything will go well for us for a long time.  Thank you, God!

2 Responses to Lesson 2 – Sharing an Insight

  1. Thanks Marilyn for this insight. I would like to tag on to that in verse 4:40 that Moses told them “that you may live long on the land which the Lord your God is giving you for all time.” God is the one who provides the land for us to live on which can bring great comfort to those who have lost or may be losing their home. And it is for all time that He will provide land for us.

  2. Keep His decrees and commands…so that it may go well with you…

    I am so glad that God made me teachable. I have come from a childhood that only knew of a scary Old Testament God, to an adult learning about grace, and then confused again about what seems like a contradiction when I read Deuteronomy 4:40. However, what I get today is that God’s decrees and commands don’t negate the doctrine of grace. What they do is provide a guideline for life that show me how to love my neighbor and be a better human being. I am thirsty to learn more and more!

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