Lesson 6 – Sharing an Insight

What energized Paul to keep on going?  What kept him from “burn out” and exhaustion?  Two phrases stood out to me this morning as I re-read Philippians 2: 12 – 30.   Paul “had hope in the Lord Jesus” and he was “confident in the Lord” (verses 19 and 25).  It comes down to really trusting God no matter what comes my way and willingly giving up the urge to complain and grumble, when His plans or timing are different than mine.

2 Responses to Lesson 6 – Sharing an Insight

  1. I was pondering Paul’s affection for Timothy, and his description of him from The Message Bible, “I have no one quite like Timothy. He is loyal, and genuinely concerned for you. Most people around here are looking out for themselves, with little concern for the things of Jesus. But you know yourselves that Timothy’s the real thing. He’s been a devoted son to me as together we’ve delivered the Message.”

    I started to thank God for a friend that I have just like Timothy. She is a loyal friend. She is geniunely concerned for me and others. She is the real thing. What a treasure to have a friend like this!

  2. Paul’s life was totally focused on Jesus. I get overwhelmed, exhausted and tired when I try to live on my own power and strength instead of relying on God’s power and strength to get me through. I find the hardest thing is to totally surrender to God and allow him to direct my life and not me trying to do it all myself. It’s hard to get out from under my ‘me’ world and Paul wasn’t in his own world. He was living every moment for Jesus. What a great example of encouragement as I walk my Christian life.

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