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Compatible or Not – An Insight for Lesson 4

Do you like the word “compatible”?  I do. It brings to mind other concepts like harmonious and well-matched. The dictionary says that it means “capable of living or performing in an agreeable or congenial combination with another or others”.  Perhaps that is the idea that Paul has in mind when he encourages the readers of his letter to “walk worthy of their calling”.  In myself I am not always humble and gentle, patient and understanding.  Are you?   But IN CHRIST, that is how the Holy Spirit can begin to change my natural inclination. The calling that you and I have is to let God’s Spirit renew the way we think about ourselves and others so that our actions are compatible with who we are IN CHRIST – chosen, forgiven, redeemed and loved. Today, Lord, by your spirit remind me of my deep desire to live out what I know to be true. May my actions be compatible with my words!