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Who can you really trust these days?  Politicians, marketing directors, pharmacologists, educators, financial advisors, travel experts, and even some preachers, call out to us with their “promises” to make our lives better, happier, healthier, and more prosperous if only we will purchase their product, elect them, or follow their advice.  Without a doubt they mean well and often feel passionate about their concerns and solutions, but huge questions usually plague all of us as we try to discern what is truth.  Who can we believe?   What are the trade-offs if we follow their suggestions?  How reliable is their information and perspective for the present and for the future?

Because most of us have a mind set that is somewhat cautious and skeptical, it is no surprise that when we come to the Bible, we often need to remind ourselves that there is absolutely no reason to approach God’s promises in this way.  He is our God and He is good – always.  His Son, Jesus, came to this earth so that anyone who believes in Him would be given not only the gift of eternal life but His Spirit to empower them.  So when Peter, His disciple, wrote, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness”, we can know that this absolutely true!

It’s an enormous and overwhelming idea, isn’t it?   “EVERYTHING YOU NEED . . . “ Really?  Is this a believable idea?  How does it happen?   This is your invitation to join us this summer, starting June 15,  as we study together what it means to believe that what God promises He will always do – for you and for all those who will trust in His unfailing love and grace.


Slow Learners? – An Insight for Lesson 5

Fortunately Jesus was very patient with His early disciples! It took them a long time to grasp the reality of who Jesus truly was and the degree to which they could trust Him. “Send the people to get their own food” was their solution to the problem when Jesus was right there to perform a…Continue Reading

The Bottom Line – An Insight for Lesson 3

Really? It’s that easy? I don’t have to be famous, rich, intelligent, beautiful, or outstanding in some other way? Really? I can live a life that pleases God by simply “believing that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him”? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? So that’s what I’m asking God to help…Continue Reading

Your Best Definition

What is your best definition of “faith”? Is it the same as believing or trusting or is there something more to it?  Here’s one idea for you to ponder. “Faith is trusting in something or someone enough that it changes your actions.” You are invited to join us as we study the people in the…Continue Reading

DO NOT FRET – Intro to Lesson 9 – March 4 – 11

How would you define the word “fret”?  Do you think it is closer to feeling angry or to being worried?  The dictionary defines it as “vexed, uneasy, troubled or agitated.”  When you hear the phrases, “I’m losing sleep over this” or “She is in quite a dither”, a simpler way to express those ideas could…Continue Reading