The Bottom Line – An Insight for Lesson 3

Really? It’s that easy? I don’t have to be famous, rich, intelligent, beautiful, or outstanding in some other way? Really? I can live a life that pleases God by simply “believing that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him”? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? So that’s what I’m asking God to help me to do every day. Remembering that God is as sovereign in world events as He ever was no matter what the outcome of the election might be is good. Believing that even in disappointment and change, God is very present to give strength and courage and joy is what He asks me to do. Trusting that He will always keep His promises for the future actually pleases Him. The bottom line is that God wants me see every event in my life and in my circumstances through the lens of His existence and His excellence, His presence and His grace. It pleases Him when I depend on His reality and His generosity.


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