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A Glimpse into the Lives of Ordinary People in the Old Testament who Trusted God

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It has been said that a well-written biography can be “as exciting as one of your favorite thrillers, more motivating than a self-help best seller or more compelling than a high pressure sales pitch”. Have you noticed that some of the most intriguing stories are not focused on high profile or famous people, but on the lives of very ordinary individuals who have made unique discoveries, contributed in specific ways to protect or enhance life for other people or simply lived life in some unusual place or under very uncommon circumstances?

While you no doubt can name several Biblical “heroes” whose stories you have heard repeatedly, did you realize that some of the greatest people of faith were simply ordinary individuals who made a significant and lasting impact because they knew God and humbly listened to His call? While their life experiences are often recorded in only one chapter or section of the Bible, their courage, stamina, wisdom and faithfulness speak loudly and clearly to the kind of individual that God often uses to accomplish His will and purposes.

You are invited to join us as we look at 10 short biographies found in the Old Testament. Some of these individuals are men and others are women, but they all demonstrate for us what it means to be more desirous of pleasing God than man and of being willing to trust God even when the risks are very high. You will find these life stories to be captivating, motivating and inspirational as you let God teach you through His Word.

As you do these lessons, I pray that you will discover that these unsung heroes point you to the One Person through whom you can find purpose and  significance.  THE ONE who fully understands you and loves you.