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Why So Impatient? – An Insight from Lesson 6

Have you asked yourself where impatience comes from?  It occurred to me that almost always it revolves around selfishness.  When the temptation comes to feel irritated, anxious or grumpy because of unexpected circumstances or delays, the reason is that it interferes with MY plans, My expectations, MY schedule. When the irritation and annoyance is caused by someone else’s behavior or attitude, it is generally because they are not doing things MY way or open to My good advice. What a difference it makes when the Holy Spirit comes and gently reminds me that rather than impatience, He would like to offer me the gift of patience, the ability to trust Him with every detail of my life. Even in the delays and the waiting! Thank you, Heavenly Father.


WAITING – with patience – Intro Lesson 6 – Oct. 23 – 30

It seems like the words “waiting” and “patience” have an inextricable bond. A person can wait without patience, of course, but it then becomes a miserable experience and time seems to move even more slowly. Often grumbling, complaining, and frustration are both inwardly felt and outwardly expressed when someone cannot find the strength to be…Continue Reading