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ZOOMING IN – Intro to Lesson 10 – March 11 – 18

The zoom lens on your phone or your camera is a valuable tool, isn’t it? You can capture in much greater detail the face of your grandchild, the beauty of a flower or even the grandeur of a cloud formation or a sunset. It makes it possible to capture in a photo an animal or a bird that you cannot get close to under ordinary circumstances. It allows you to photograph with much greater visibility things that would be otherwise too small to capture with an ordinary lens. There are times when that magnification will reveal details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Have you ever considered the possibility that your life could be a “zoom lens” for God? In Psalm 40, David reminds us great things happen when we magnify the Lord. As others watch you and me, they are often looking to see what we do in adversity, how we respond to the unexpected and how we cope with the storms of life. As they witness the ways in which God rescues us by restoring our awareness of His nearness and His grace and mercy, God’s spirit is able to move in their hearts, too. As they hear “the new song that He puts in our mouths, many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD.” (Psalm 40: 31) As we speak of His saving acts and His mercy, He will be made visible. As they observe the joy that comes from trusting in His faithfulness, we have the privilege of making Him known to those whose eyes have not yet seen Him clearly.

“O magnify (glorify) the LORD with me, and let us exalt (elevate, intensify, boost, augment, amplify) His name together.” Psalm 33: 3