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3 Generations Who Finished Well – Intro Lesson 6 – Oct. 21 – 28

What do you remember about your mom or dad that makes you smile? What did they do right? In what ways did they pass on to you values and beliefs that have given you strength or courage or confidence? Perhaps it is not your parents that you turn to when you think in positive terms about the things that were handed down to you from your past. It may be your grandparents or even other adults who played a significant role in your formative years. The legacy that we all leave for those who follow in our footsteps is far more than money, property, or heirlooms. It is primarily about “leaving what you learned more than what you earned.” It is the transferring of what we hold most dear from one generation to the next and in doing so giving them both a blessing and hope for the future.

Who would have guessed that the legacy of a life of obedient faith that Abraham passed on to Isaac would be remembered for centuries? Who would have believed that the more quiet and consistent life of faith of Isaac would be recorded for posterity? Who would have known that the blessings and predictions that Jacob gave to his sons would stand as an example for untold generations to come? Who would have predicted that Joseph’s incredible understanding and acceptance by faith of God’s sovereign will would become a legacy by which people today could find encouragement and renewal of their own faith?

As you think about the legacy which you are now creating, what are the words which will be used to describe you, the values by which you will be remembered, the reasons that your memory will be treasured?