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Sharing An Insight – Lesson 6

When you get the same sermon at church that you are getting in your personal Bible study, the truths penetrate in significant way.  IT IS ALL ABOUT GRACE.  Did you happen to hear it on Sunday?  “Legalism drains my joy, leads to slavery “(addiction), and a third point could have been that it causes pride if the sermon had been from Philippians 3.  It’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to earn God’s love or “be good enough” to experience His mercy.  But rather it is because of His immense love and tender mercy, His grace, that I can face each day with the expectation that He will give me His strength and wisdom to live with joy and contentment.  What an amazing way to live!



A Bible Study focused on the Book of Philippians To view or print study guides Progress!  It’s a positive idea, isn’t it?  Setting a goal and then moving toward the realization of that dream or desire brings us satisfaction.  Sometimes progress is slow and we need many intermediate, short-term markers to help us know that…Continue Reading

Sharing an Insight – Lesson 6

It is quite easy to grasp the need to “pray with thanksgiving, with perseverance and hope, and with expectation and humility.”  After all we’re asking God to do what He has promised to do for all those who put their faith in Him.  But why does Paul suggest that He “prays with joy”?  What makes…Continue Reading