Sharing an Insight – Lesson 6

It is quite easy to grasp the need to “pray with thanksgiving, with perseverance and hope, and with expectation and humility.”  After all we’re asking God to do what He has promised to do for all those who put their faith in Him.  But why does Paul suggest that He “prays with joy”?  What makes praying a joyful experience for him?  It occurs to me that he knows and actually sees that God is continually answering those prayers.  He also loves knowing that he is not alone when he prays.  His friends share his goals and together they are supporting each other through prayer and words of encouragement.  My prayer cards (see Insight for Lesson 2) are doing those same things for me.  Because my prayers are more specific and intentional, I am much more conscious that God is at work and I can honestly be an encouragement to people as I promise to prayer for them.  That brings me joy – and I can rejoice!  What is your experience?


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