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ABOVE and BEYOND – Intro to Lesson 6 – February 12 – 19

It is almost impossible to believe that men could conceive and actually build a massive structure like the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Great Wall in China or the amazing Taj Mahal in India, isn’t it? Where did their creativity and ingenuity come from? In another arena, how did artists like Leonardo Da Vinci have the skill to paint pictures more than 600 years ago that we still admire today or what made Michelangelo such an incredible artist? Who would you name as some of the greatest authors of all time? Would your list include Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Dickens, or Tolkien? Think about the musicians, poets, dancers, engineers, actors, scientists, and philosophers who have changed the world because of their discoveries and innovative ideas. Most of us stand in awe of men and women who have abilities and talents that are so outstanding.

Far above and beyond all that mankind can create and accomplish, however, is the “work of God’s hands”. The Psalmist, David, reminds us that as we look at all of creation and especially the heavens we begin to get a glimpse of the glory of God Himself – His majesty and His power. As wonderful and inspiring as our universe is to us, it is through the Word of God that we learn about God’s eternal character and of His tender love and grace. We learn about His desire to communicate and be in relationship with the ones that He created. We learn of His desire for us to bring glory to His Holy Name by the way we live and by our devotion to Him.

As Ron Allen says in His commentary of Psalm 19*, “If we are ever to learn to praise Yahweh, it will be because we have learned of Him through the purity of His great Word, and then have learned how to enjoy Him rightly through all He has made.”

*And I Will Praise Him, Ronald Allen, p. 149