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As You Look Ahead – An Insight for Lesson 5

Who knows what the future holds no matter who wins the election?  Who can be sure that certain legislation will really make that big a difference in our economy or my security? The fact is that unless I choose to do what Abraham and the other patriarchs did so long ago, I am setting myself up for major disappointment and frustration. Isn’t it interesting that the writer of Hebrews reminds us that in spite of difficult circumstances, troubles, and persecution, they “looked forward to a far better place, a heavenly country”? They continued to believe that God was accomplishing what he had promised to do and that He would “always be faithful to HIs promises”. Their hopes were not in their present realities but in what they, by faith, would have in their future and eternal home. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Hebrews 11: 11 and 16

Hopeful or Hopeless? – Lesson 7

“Let’s just wait, watch and see what God will do.” She said it often. She meant it. Even when her diagnosis was first lung cancer and then a few years later brain cancer, she knew that God would be faithful. My friend would often encourage us by reminding us that God is always at work.…Continue Reading