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WHAT’S YOUR DIAGNOSIS? – Intro to Lesson 2 – January 19 – 26

Why is it that some people choose to remain ill or in pain when they could go to a doctor and get a diagnosis and treatment?  Without discovering what the cause of their problem really is an effective treatment plan cannot be made.  Of course, understanding the cause of their health challenges is only the beginning of their journey.  Assuming that there is medicine or a treatment that could cure their disease or some surgery that would fix the issue, they will still need to decide whether or not to take the advice that is given to them.  There is always the option to deny that there is a real problem or assume that none of the options will really be effective.  Choosing to proceed with treatment rather than to ignore it is a decision that every person must make individually.

In the opening chapters of his letter to the people in Rome, Paul gave them something like a diagnosis for mankind, an explanation for the predicament that has faced people since the beginning of time.  It is not an easy analysis to read, but unless the truth about man’s relationship to a holy God is made clear, there is no possibility for change.  Paul knew that the people needed to understand the real predicament that they faced.  They needed to realize that there are no exceptions – all men and women (including you and me) are desperately in need of a repentant heart, a heart that acknowledges “the glory of God and gives Him thanks”.   Paul doesn’t stop with the diagnosis, however.  He goes right on to explain the immense and dreadful consequences for everyone who chooses to ignore God.

How willing are you to go and get a “diagnosis” when you have a physical or any other kind of problem?  Would you rather know the truth and work on a solution or go on trying to ignore the symptoms and signs, telling yourself that you would rather face the consequences than deal with the reality right now?  It might be an interesting idea topic for discussion with people who know you well.