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DO YOU LIKE BIOGRAPHIES? – Intro Lesson 2 – January 17 – 24

It must be very challenging to write someone’s biography. Sometimes authors interview the person, his or her family, and as many acquaintances and friends as possible in order to be able to accurately write a life story. At other times all of the information is acquired through research. Historical records, correspondence, other biographies, interviews, and personal memorabilia can provide insight and ideas. It takes an enormous amount of perseverance and dedication to collect sufficient data and an adequate understanding of another person in order to write a truthful biography with clarity and discernment.

When Luke, a distinguished Greek physician, decided to write a biography about Jesus, he carefully researched and wrote an accurate account for the benefit of his Greek (Gentile) friend, Theophilus. Apparently, Luke realized that this friend would need to know exactly who Jesus was and that what he had already learned was really true. Luke had traveled extensively with Paul and was familiar with other accounts that had already been written about the life of Jesus – perhaps the Gospels by Matthew and/or Mark. Because Luke recorded so many stories and scenes that are not found in the other Gospels, readers through the centuries have had the opportunity to get to know more of Jesus’ gracious and compassionate nature as well as His honest and forthright confrontation of injustice and deception.

The impact that the story of Jesus’ life makes is immeasurably greater than any other biography ever written. Luke and the other authors in the Bible were inspired by the Spirit of God. His story is both powerful and life changing. Jesus was not simply another man to be admired, but The One sent from God to find you and me and to save us from our lost condition. He is The One who came to offer us forgiveness and a restored relationship with Himself. He is The One who came to give us the gift of eternal life – His presence within us now and forever. His name is JESUS. How well do you know Him?