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WHAT MAKES SOMEONE APPROACHABLE? – Introduction Lesson 5 – Feb. 7 – 14

Approachable. It’s an interesting word, isn’t it? What makes some people so “approachable” while other people clearly have a wall of some type around them or a facade that keeps other people from coming close to them? Elections have been won and lost by candidates who can or cannot communicate their willingness to listen and to hear. Children can become very lonely and discouraged when a parent is not accessible or seems disinterested. In times of distress and anxiety, individuals sometimes make very unwise choices when they are unable to find a non-judgmental and caring acquaintance or friend, someone who is approachable.

When you look at Jesus, you immediately sense that even though His fame was increasing and His schedule was extremely busy, He was approachable. The gamut of people who received His full and focused attention was large. The variety of individuals who came to Him with their needs was surprising. The extent to which He listened and brought not only healing, but life itself, to those who believed was startling. Evidently Jesus made it clear through His actions and His messages that no one would be excluded from receiving His attention. Neither would wealth not status, prestige, position, failures, race or religion keep anyone from receiving His healing touch. Jesus demonstrated throughout His years of public ministry that “He had come to seek those who were lost and to save them”.

Approachable. It’s as true today as it was when Jesus walked through the villages and towns of Judea and Galilee. His invitation is still “come unto Me and I will give you rest”. His desire has always been that the weak can come to Him for strength, the sick for healing, the distressed for relief, and greatest of all, He welcomes sinners to come and receive His forgiveness. Isn’t it amazing that humility is the door to experiencing the healing touch of Jesus and that faith is the one thing that He desires from us?