Discovering His Conversations in the Gospel by Mark

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What comes to your mind when you hear someone say, “thanks for spending time with me”?  Usually it would indicate two or more people have engaged in a good, helpful or interesting conversation.  It is  through verbal exchange we build relationships, learn and process ideas and information, receive affirmation, gain perspective and discover new ways of looking at life which are beyond our own simple imagination.  Knowing when to ask a question, when to tell a story or pass on ideas or dreams, when to pause for silence, when to challenge or confront, or when to simply lend a listening ear, are all skills which are important to practice in order to engage in a conversation which meets the social, emotional and/or the informational needs of everyone involved.

Isn’t it interesting Mark, as he wrote his Gospel, chose to record for us over 70 of Jesus’ conversations as He walked and talked with a very wide variety of people during the three years of His earthly ministry?  We meet Jesus as He called and trained His disciples, spoke with the sick and afflicted, interacted with His opponents and the Jewish religious leaders, answered the questions, and told stories to the crowds and those who wanted to know more about Him, His identity and His mission.

Wouldn’t you like to get to know Jesus in a more personal and inspiring way?  You’re invited to join us in this study as we “listen” to Him speak, feel His compassion and His mercy, and join in on the conversations he had with so many different people. 

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