EMBRACING MYSTERY – Intro Lesson 9 – March 8 – 15

We live with a great deal of mystery every day, don’t we?  The whole world of technology, for example, is quite mind boggling.  How does information get from my computer to the I-cloud?  How does it then get to someone else’s I-Pad?  How is it that my friend in India or Jordan can post something on Facebook and I can immediately see both the picture and the comments and send a reply?  How can Costco track not only the volume but how many hours a day one of their clients is wearing his/her hearing aids?  How can doctors implant some wires into someone’s spine and have the device send messages to the brain so that their backpain decreases?  While the answers to these and a myriad of other questions will probably never satisfy our curiosity, most of us are totally willing to use and even enjoy the benefits of modern discoveries.

There really is no sphere of life where there is not mystery and certainly it is true when it comes to our faith in God.  Words are inadequate when we try to grasp the infinite mercy of our great God.  Why is it He chose to be born from the line of Abraham and David and to make the Israelites His chosen people?  Why is it that some of them over the centuries have been willing to believe and to submit to God’s righteousness while others have continued to choose to do life on their own terms.  Why is it in His great love, He has reached out with kindness and forgiveness to the Gentile world?  The reality is that we can choose to get caught up in the unexplainable facets of God’s eternal plan or we can embrace the mystery of His wisdom and knowledge and His kindness and grace to you and to me.

“How great is our God.  Sing with me how great is our God and all will see how great, how great is our God.”*

*Chris Tomlin Lyrics

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