PREDICTING THE FUTURE – Intro Lesson 9 – Nov. 3 – 10

Why is it that some individuals believe they have received a special ability to foretell the future or even to predict the date of the return of Jesus?  Even more surprising is that these people are able to convince others that their ideas and forecasts are reliable.   Certainly, there is scientific, as well as historical, evidence that points to the possibility, perhaps even the probability, because of earthquakes and storms, financial crisis, wars and a host of other events.  However, absolute certainty is not within the capabilities of even the greatest leaders or the most “spiritual” human beings. 

Centuries ago, however, there were men and women who were divinely inspired to speak out the truths that God had placed in their minds.  These individuals, who were called prophets, were under divine constraint to speak the words they were given. They delivered God’s messages in order to warn the Israelites of impending judgment because of their unbelief and iniquities and to give them enormous hope for restoration and a future.  Many of their proclamations were recorded for us throughout the Old Testament, but especially in the books of prophecy – the 4 Major Prophets (so called because of the length of the book, not its importance) and the 12 Minor Prophets.  Interspersed among their warnings and words of encouragement they often included promises for those who continued to “fear God”.  There would always be protection and provision for all those who would choose to stand in awe of the living God.  A Messiah would come and He would be their Redeemer.  Finally, this Redeemer would come again and establish His kingdom here on earth where all those who had put their faith in Him would live with Him forever. 

Surely the veracity of so many these predictions made so long ago is a very convincing and astounding reason to stand in amazement and reverently submit all of this life to Jesus, The Liberating King, as you wait for His return.

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