A World of Superlatives

We live in a world of superlatives, don’t we?  If you’re one of those few people who do not yield to using these extravagant kinds of words, you are to be commended.  We go to “perfect weddings”.  We eat “awesome” strawberries – once in a while.  We hear “fabulous” music.  Our children and grandchildren do “absolutely amazing” projects.  The personal taste of some people is considered to be “impeccable”.   Undoubtedly you can think of your own list of examples, including incredible, stupendous, unbelievable and marvelous.  By definition, these words imply that there is very little room for improvement.

How did we get to such a place in our thinking?  When did we become less than satisfied with “good” or even “very good”?

The problem with this kind of thinking and communication is that there are no words left that are big enough for God and His kingdom or for heaven and real miracles. 

Why not think about your own vocabulary and start saving up those extraordinary words for describing The Only One who is worthy of our complete admiration and radical astonishment!

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