WHAT’S ON YOUR LIST? – Intro -Lesson 10 – March 17 – 24

Do you like to make lists?  Things you need to do today.  E-mails you need to write or phone calls you really should make.  Groceries you want to buy the next time you are at Costco or Trader Joes. House projects you want to accomplish.  Whether you are the kind of organized person who actually writes down your mental lists or you prefer to simply remember each item, lists are extremely helpful.  Making a list of chores for your children can clarify your expectations while teaching them how to use their time wisely.  Having an agenda for a business meeting will help everyone to know what to expect as well as to expedite the discussions.  When a speaker or preacher provides an outline, it can provide not only clarity but a tool to help the listener remember the salient points.

In response to a very serious question from a few of His disciples, Jesus took them aside and gave them a list of very important things for them to remember in the coming days.  As He described things that would be happening both in the immediate future and in the distant future, He also gave them some very clear instructions.  It must have felt overwhelming to those disciples to hear about the destruction of their temple, but even more to learn they could be facing intense persecution and enormous world upheaval of all kinds. Yet at the same time, Jesus gave them enormous comfort and hope because He reassured them that one day the Son of Man will come in all His power and glory to establish His eternal kingdom.  One day they will be saved.  Isn’t it interesting He gave them a list of things to do and to be aware of while they waited for that day?

Do you think we are actually experiencing some of the events Jesus described so long ago and that the fulfillment of these prophecies might mean Jesus will be coming again quite soon?  If so, it may be a good idea to check out His list of instructions!

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