MORE THAN ADVICE – Lesson 6 – February 17 – 24

In a world where we are bombarded with all kinds of advice, how do you choose what to take seriously?  Do this.  Eat that.  Buy this.  Come here.  Go there.  There are 3 major reasons people will begin to listen to the counsel and advice others give to them.  The first is driven by a personal need to hear it because of being aware of a reason why this information would help them solve a problem or answer a question they have.  The second consideration is based on the authority, experience, and trustworthiness of the one giving the advice.  Finally, people are more prone to heed the advice of others when they know what the motivation really is for giving it to them.

When Jesus began His public ministry, he invited 12 ordinary men to follow Him.  Their “internship” would take them to many cities and expose them to all kinds of people, needs, and situations.  As they witnessed His miracles, listened to Him teach, and spent personal time with Him, they were exposed to a new way of looking at life, responding to people, and thinking about the future.  When Jesus talked to them and to the crowds, He was a master at giving them far more than good advice. He wove in through illustrations, questions, and admonition, principles and guidance that would serve not only them, but believers throughout the ages and in every culture.  Sometimes His advice was surprising.  While it was not always easy to hear, it was always consistent with His behavior and life.  Jesus always made it clear for His followers. There was never a choice whether to ignore or not.  It was always to become the new way to live your life.

How good are you at following advice?  Not just any counsel or promotion you hear, but the “advice” Jesus, the Son of God, has left for all of us in His Word.

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