How much time do you spend listening audibly to the voices of other people each day?  If you add up the minutes you listen to other people on the radio, TV, podcasts and any other media, along with your personal conversations, it just might surprise you.  Not all of our “listening”, however, comes through our ears.  We can also “hear” what others have to say through our eyes.  What we read can significantly penetrate our thinking and perspective, our beliefs and our convictions.  As you think about the people you have listened to the most in 2022, who would you say are the “top 10”?

Did you know that you can “listen” to over 70 of the conversations Jesus had while he was on earth by reading through the Gospel written by Mark?   You can “listen in” as He talked to a wide variety of people and as you do, you will find yourself discovering how He viewed Himself and each of those with whom He interacted.  You’ll discover what was important to Him and what He came to do.  You’ll be amazed at how He demonstrated His love and compassion to the sick and troubled and how He skillfully responded to those who were His enemies.  In fact, you just might make some new discoveries and find new purpose and joy in the new year as you “Look and Listen to Jesus – Again”.

You are invited to join us in this new 13 week winter study of the Gospel by Mark.  Print out the lessons – “Current Study”-   Of course, you are welcome to do these lessons on your own schedule and at your convenience.

Introductions to each lesson will be available (direct to your e-mail if you subscribe) starting on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Please share this information with others.  It’s a great opportunity to study on your own and let God speak directly to you through His love letter to you – the Bible. 

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