It is a rather startling fact to realize that Joshua was not a young man when he led his people into the Promised Land. In fact, he was probably in his early 80’s! He and Caleb were the only ones from their generation who were allowed to make the historic crossing from the wilderness where they had been living for 40 years to the land God had promised to their forefather, Abraham, decades before.

There is no doubt Joshua’s life experiences prepared him for the destiny God had planned for his final 30 years of life! He grew up into early manhood under the oppression and slavery of his people in Egypt. He knew what it meant to be in bondage and to wonder and wait for the time God would make a way for them to be free. Finally, when he was about 40, the time came when God sent those horrendous plagues and the whole nation miraculously crossed the Red Sea because God performed a miracle that none of them would ever forget.

Unfortunately, though they remembered that miracle, when it came to trusting God to give them victory over the enormous enemies in the Promised Land, they chose to give in to fear and make their own plans. It wasn’t what Joshua and Caleb recommended, but the other 10 spies successfully discouraged the people from going directly to the Jordan River. So, for the next forty years, Joshua was mentored by Moses. As his assistant, he had the special privilege of going with Moses to Mount Sinai and to stay near the tabernacle. He was a trusted and reliable leader, giving support and encouragement to Moses and to the people in spite of their rebellious decisions and attitude. He knew what it meant to wait on the Lord, to fear the Lord and to rely fully on His ways and words.

It is no wonder God chose him to be the successor to Moses. He had been a faithful servant, content with the role God had given him for so many years, and trusting God would keep His promises. He could say with integrity and experience “the Lord would do wonders among them. So let’s get ready and go!”

Are you ready to begin your study of the Book of Joshua and the story of his final 30 years of life? You’re going to be surprised by the ways in which this story will help you grow in your own understanding of what it means to experience victory and the joy God has promised to every believer – including you. Lessons available under “Current Study” – www.westudytogether.com The introduction to Lesson 1 will be sent on Friday, September 16.

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