WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? Intro Lesson 7 – July 29 – August 5

If there is one word that does not fit into the description of Paul, the author of the letter to the Philippians, it is the word apathetic.  He easily could have been.  He could have simply been satisfied with his achievements of the past and “rested on his laurels”.  He could have been discouraged and/or disappointed with his present situation and circumstances.  He could have lived in fear of future consequences and further persecution because of his faith.  But, there was no way he was going to let any of these things deter him from moving toward his goal. 

Who do you know that has a similar kind of commitment to moving forward and grasping on to all God has for them to learn, to experience and to do in this life?  What is it about them that makes you feel that way?  There is no one way to recognize that inner quality but Paul gives us a few clues.  It would be a good place to start.

There is no question one’s past and preferences, as well as one’s pride and perspective, can greatly influence progress.  Paul made a great recommendation to his friends.  He invited them to walk together with him and with others who are moving forward.  It always makes a huge difference in your pace, your consistency and your motivation when you have someone with you and together you can encourage each other to keep pressing on and not to look back.  You can be there for each other when one grows weary or trips over a little obstacle and needs some help. 

And just think, some day Jesus will meet us at the finish line and we’ll be together with Him forever . . . so keep on going. 

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