WHO IS “DIRECTING” YOU? – Introduction – Lesson 7 – February 25 – March 4

Who have been the most important “mentors” in your life?  Think of individuals who have come along side of you as your friend, but because of his or her wisdom and integrity, their influence become significant in your life.  You may have met one of these influencers initially as a teacher, pastor, boss or even a relative, but over time he or she became an encourager or guide for you.  In recent years the idea of “spiritual direction” has become very popular.  While this has been a practice for Christians for centuries, it has once again become recognized as a very valuable tool for spiritual growth and insight.  It often helps the director as well as the directee!  Choosing to spend regular and intentional time with a wise, trusted, and Godly person in order to help you pray and pay closer attention to what God is doing and would like to do in and through you, can be life-changing.  

In many ways, Paul, along with all his travels and evangelistic preaching, chose to be a “spiritual director” to many individuals, didn’t he?  In addition to writing to many churches, he took the time to guide and counsel individuals, helping them to focus on their faith in Jesus and how their new life in Christ would change their attitudes and their actions.  Isn’t it interesting that he encouraged both Timothy, Titus, and Philemon to reach out themselves to individual men and women to give them the encouragement and help they would need to live Godly lives.

Today I find myself immensely grateful to the people who have helped me to not only feel the love of God, but to hear His voice more clearly, to see how He is always at work in my life and to find my hope and confidence in His promises and mercy.  How about you?

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