MUSIC and PRAYER – Intro Lesson 3

Have there been times in your spiritual life when a song touched your spirit and emotions in a profound or significant way?  Perhaps it was a rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus”, sung harmoniously and beautifully, on an Easter morning.  It could have happened as you listened to a child simply but sincerely singing, “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know”.  It may have been during an altar call at a Billy Graham Crusade or at a camp when you responded to Jesus and found yourself singing the thought provoking hymn, “Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound.”  Many various factors influence our widely varied emotional responses to music, such as its tempo, rhythm, volume, and melody (or lack of it), pitch, and personal preferences.  When there is meaningful poetry or words set to music, our responses may be felt in an even deeper and more personal way.

Isn’t it interesting the first recorded song (or Psalm) in the Bible was written by Moses? The people of Israel had just crossed the Red Sea and were greatly moved by God’s protection and care for them – not only as they experienced the miraculous path through the sea, but remembering how God orchestrated their freedom from bondage in Egypt.  As Moses shared his new song of worship and praise, their spirits must have been lifted up in thanksgiving to God.  As Moses and the people expressed their gratefulness and adoration to the One who redeemed them, who had rescued them, and who would continue to take them to the land of promise, it was certainly a prayer.  It was their collective way of worshipping Jehovah!

Whether you are singing a hymn on your own or listening to some praise music online or in church, why not consciously express those thoughts and ideas to the Lord?  He takes delight in hearing your songs of praise and adoration.  He is listening to your prayer.

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