These days many people want their physical food precooked, prepared, processed, and packaged. Quick, easy and convenient is a priority. Nutritious and delicious is a bonus. Has it ever occurred to you that we have similar preferences when it comes to our spiritual diet? We are busy people so it is easiest to turn to a book, a video, or a devotional guide and gladly read the thoughts or listen to the ideas of other people. Their insights bless us. Our understanding increases and even our love for God grows as they explain to us what is in the Bible.

BUT, there is nothing that can compare to your own discoveries as the Holy Spirit teaches you directly from THE WORD. The flavor, the nutrition, the energy, and the lasting impact that your own study of Scripture will have on you spiritually will be significantly more substantial and meaningful.  In fact, the Lord delights in those who love His Word. It’s His very best way of communicating His deep love for you and for me, isn’t it?

Why not set aside one hour each week, either at one sitting or in smaller increments, to consider for yourself what Paul wrote to the believers all around and in the city of Ephesus and to you and me?  Print out the study guides and subscribe to the introductions which will be sent each Friday, June 18 – all available at

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