Believe? or BELIEVE!

Would you agree that it is very difficult to know what another person is really telling you when he or she uses the word believe?  It is one of those words that has many synonyms and many levels of meaning.  In fact, one website claims that there are more than 2600 variant or similar words for the simple word believe.  It can mean anything from think, hope, assume, expect, to a wholehearted conviction or persuasion that something is absolutely true.  As someone has said, “Believing that there is a God is vastly different than believing that God exists to the degree that there is a life commitment to follow Him and His purposes.”

When John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, wrote his biography about Jesus, he used the word believe over 100 times.  Apparently, he didn’t want anyone to simply give casual mental assent to Jesus.  His heart’s desire was for everyone to “believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing they would have life in His name.” (John 20: 31) It might be worth some of your time to ponder what your definition of this important word really is when it comes to your trust in Him.  What does it look like in your life?  What does it really mean when you consider God’s promises?  I  believe?   I believe.  I believe.  I believe  or  I BELIEVE! 

Would you be willing to read the Gospel written by John this week, highlighting the word believe every time you find it?  It will take you about 2 hours and would be well worth every minute of your time as you enter the new year – 2021!

By the way, our new series, PORTRAITS of JESUS, will begin on Friday, January 8.  Be sure you have your lessons printed out and ready – (current lessons). 

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