GOD’S PROMISE of a SAVIOR – Intro Lesson 7 – Nov. 1 – 8

If someone who does not know how to swim is drowning, there is little that person can do to save his or her own life.  The person needs to be rescued by someone else.  If an individual is lost or disoriented, there is a desperate need to be found.  If someone has fallen and broken his/her leg, he/she will not be able to get to the emergency room alone  You can probably think of many other examples of times and places when a “savior” is needed – “a person who will come to rescue someone or something from dire circumstances”.  Perhaps you can also think of a time when you were “the savior”.  You willingly went into a crisis for the sake of another who was helpless on their own or you provided them with the idea or object which made all the difference in finding a solution to the problem.  Would you agree that there are situations or times in this life when you and I are not able to save another or solve the problem no matter how hard we try or how much we care?

It is surprising that Isaiah, through the inspiration of God, told the Israelites about a Savior who would be coming to rescue them.  With great accuracy and detail, he told them of One who would be “pierced for their transgressions and crushed for their iniquities”.  He prophesied that this One would be despised and rejected and would willingly suffer so that man could experience peace with God.  Realizing that Isaiah wrote these descriptive words about 700 years before Jesus, the Anointed One, would actually be born into this world and would subsequently be crucified for their sakes, and for ours, is totally amazing.  Jesus, willingly obeyed the will of His Father and came to take the punishment for my sins, for your iniquities, and for all those who would trust in Him throughout the ages.  Becoming our Savior was and is the greatest gift ever given to fallen humanity.

You can rarely, if ever, “pay back” a savior – someone who has liberated you, delivered you or emancipated you from tragedy or circumstances beyond your control or choice, but your thankfulness can regularly be expressed and will probably be felt for a life time.  How often and in what ways do you choose to demonstrate or express your appreciation to THE SAVIOR

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