What would you say is the difference between a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt?  A treasure hunt suggests that the participants are given a series of riddles or clues that will eventually lead to the discovery of a treasure or something of value.  In a scavenger hunt the teams or individuals are given a list of items which they are to collect as quickly as possible from various locations or places which the organizers allow or suggest.  Both of these adventures can be great fun and a wonderful way to elicit problem solving, cooperation and enthusiastic involvement for everyone.

In some interesting ways our lessons this fall, which are focused on the Old Testament book of Isaiah, will be like both a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt.  Finding a promise that God gave to His chosen people if only they would repent and return to Him, will certainly feel like discovering a very real treasure – a gem of truth that will sustain, protect and give hope to you and me today. In addition, looking carefully for the various warnings, admonitions, and prophetic consequences that Isaiah was so passionate to give to the kings and the people in His day, will enrich our understanding of life from God’s perspective.

This week would be a good time to look at your schedule to see if you want to take about an hour each week to participate in these adventures with us.  Print out the study guides or use them online and get ready to read the introduction to each lesson each Friday afternoon.   By the way, would you be willing to invite a friend or two to join you?

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