An opportunity to focus on what Jesus had to say as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel –

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Would you agree that words are “singularly the most powerful force available to humanity”? What a person says, along with how it is said, can heal or hurt, can build up or destroy, can encourage or devastate, and can even change the outcome of the listener’s beliefs. Listening carefully and openly to what others have to say is one of the best ways to get to know them.

When Jesus was here on this earth, large crowds gathered to hear Him. Mary sat at His feet to listen. The religious leaders were eager to debate with Him. The disciples walked and talked with Him. Wherever He went, people from all walks and stages of life would gather to learn, to be challenged, and to find hope, encouragement and inspiration for the future through His words. While some people chose to disregard Him or to even challenge Him, His authority and power could not be denied by anyone. There is no one who has had more influence on the course of history through his or her words than Jesus.

Isn’t it wonderful that you and I can still listen to Jesus? We cannot hear His audible voice, but we can “hear” Him speak through the messages, stories and encounters that are recorded for us in the Bible. You are invited to join together with us as we discover the heart of Jesus through exploring the conversations and sermons which His disciple, Matthew, recorded for us. This 13 week study will bring you into His life, His desires and His love for you and for the world in amazing ways.

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