THE PROMISE OF JOY – Intro to Lesson 4 – July 6 – 13

Experts tell us that there is a new burgeoning science that is seeking to uncover and discover not only the cause of our moods but the very profound way in which they help us navigate our world.  So what kind of a mood are you in right now?  Did you wake up this morning feeling the same way or have you experienced various emotions as the day has progressed?  Why is it that our moods can change in the flash of a second or can consume us for hours or in extreme cases even days?   Isn’t it great to know that your mood does not have to totally control who you are and how you will respond to the circumstances and events in your life?

In fact, before Jesus left His disciples He made it very clear to them that there would be many times in life when they would have reason to be troubled or anxious, to feel confused or disappointed, but that these feelings should not diminish the real joy that He would give to them.  As long as they chose to “remain in His love”, He would enable them to have a deep and lasting sense of satisfaction and completeness through His Spirit.  His joy would not be transient or unpredictable.  His joy would be heartfelt, reliable and complete.  His joy would give to them a sense of peace and undeniable hope.  His joy would sustain them even in times of persecution, loss and grief.  The promise of the gift of His joy would uphold them no matter what they were facing or what they feeling.

A good question to ask yourself from time to time just might be, “What is more visible to my family and friends – my ever changing moods or my God-given joy?”

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