WHAT’S NEXT for We Study Together?

What book of the Bible would you like to understand better this winter?  Think about it!  Would it be in the New Testament?

You could plan now to take one hour a week starting in January, just like a regular appointment, when you would simply meet God in quiet and listen to His voice through the study of one section of His love letter to you.

Study is different than the quick fix of morning devotions, you know.  Ideally it is a time when you really pull away from the distractions of life, put your “to do lists” and your cell phone in the other room, and give yourself permission to focus on hearing from God.  It’s more than gathering information.  It’s different than a homework assignment.  It’s renewing and refreshing because there is time to reflect and to relax in the presence of the Savior.  It gives you a chance to feel and to imagine and to be with The One who loves you deeply, who accepts you completely and who longs to communicate His will and His ways to you.

Our new series is designed to help you to do this.  Watch for the announcement next Friday!

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