Where’s Your Bible? – Insight for Lesson 9

Today I am thankful that I have the written Word of God.  The truth is that I have it in many translations, with many study guides, and I can even listen to it audibly with the press of a few computer or phone keys.  You have the same privilege and blessing, don’t you?  Today I am grateful to God that I can freely study the Bible and fellowship with others who want to grow in faith and understanding of the mystery of God’s amazing love, mercy, forgiveness and His gift of eternal life.  Today, Lord, I want to ask You to enable those people who are working so hard to translate Scripture into the heart language of people around my world who still do not have access to the precious truths of your living Word.  For Your glory and for Your Name’s sake, enable them and strengthen them to accomplish the work that you have called them to do.

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