What’s On Your “To Do” List?

It really doesn’t matter if your list is too long or too short.  It’s true when you are far too busy and when you are bored.  It’s a good thing to consider when life seems to be out of control and when it feels calm and ordinary.  It’s been a saying that has helped me since I read it as a teenager on a wall at my church.  “If you do God’s will all of the time, you will have time to do all of God’s will.”  These happen to be very busy days for me, so I am praying, just as Jehoshaphat did so long ago, “I do not know what to do, but my eyes are upon You, O my God”.  (II Chronicles 20:12)  It’s amazing the way He alone offers clarity and confidence as I fix my eyes on Him.  How about you?

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