How Is Your Hearing? – An Insight for Lesson 3

How is your hearing these days? Has age and time gradually diminished your ability to hear certain tones or do you need the volume to be just a bit louder than you used to like it to be? For most people it is a very gradual and subtle decline and one that we try to ignore or deny, but when you go and have your hearing tested, the facts are right there before you. Yes, the specialist says, “You have minimum to moderate loss. Hearing aids would be very helpful to you.” Now I’m wondering if there is any kind of test for another kind of “hearing” – the kind that resides in my heart. Am I able and eager to hear God’s voice as He speaks through His Word or through others who love me and want what is best for me? Am I listening to their counsel? Solomon reminds me in Proverbs 12: 15, “Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.”   Help me, Lord, to keep the ears of my heart open to Your voice – no matter what the volume or tone might be.



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