A TRUSTWORTHY SERVANT – Intro to Lesson 1 – September 15 – 22

Whether you are the employer or the employee, there is one characteristic that will greatly influence the long-term success or the failure of your organization or business. One expert has rightly said “this quality is the most valuable commodity in the workplace.” While having a good work ethic, being dependable, having a positive attitude and being smart and talented are all great assets, the most essential commodity is being trustworthy. Like a diamond, the facets of that one word are multiple – authentic, consistent, humble, available, dependable, honest, truthful, reliable, responsible, and reasonable. To hear it said that someone is trustworthy is to hear one of the highest compliments that anyone can ever receive.

There is a story in Genesis about a servant, although he is nameless, that was trustworthy. When Abraham was very old, he realized that he needed to send someone to his homeland to find a wife for his son, Isaac. He needed a person who would follow instructions, not be distracted by other opinions and ideas, and who clearly understood what it meant to trust God, to pray, and to accept God’s answers. It’s a story of faith and of action. It’s an illustration of God’s blessing and provision for those who trust in Him and walk in His ways.

Wouldn’t you agree that to be trustworthy is one of the most obvious ways to “let your light shine before men so that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”? (Matthew 5:16) Most of the time, it’s built on the small every day choices that we make in our speech and in our deeds.


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