How Vulnerable are You? – An Insight for Lesson 2

What are the adjectives that best describe someone who is willing to serve in our military in order to protect the freedoms and democracy of our country? There are certain characteristics that he or she must have whether they are in a place of imminent danger or active combat or in a place of readiness and anticipation. While this analogy is not one of my favorite ones to contemplate, the truth is that all of us desperately need to grasp that we too have a very real enemy.  The fact is that there is not a day that goes by when Satan and his demons are not actively pursuing the affections of our hearts and trying to subtly influence the way that we think. Victory is much more often experienced in the myriad of small choices that we make each day than in the bigger skirmishes or battles that we sometimes face. Thank you, Lord, for giving me all of the protection and strength that I need to be courageous and strong. Help me to “follow Your orders” consistently and completely so that Your name will be honored.





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